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Summernats 31
4th - 7th January 2018
Exhibition Park
Flemington Road
Mitchell, Canberra, ACT

Please note: Applications close on Friday 1 December 2017, at 5pm AEST.  

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I/We have read and understood the Terms and Conditions surrounding Summernats 31 and confirm the information I/We have provided on this form is true and correct. • Media access to the Summernats is only available between the hours of 8am and 4pm and must be pre-arranged with the Media Manager (details below). • A Media Pass provides entry inside Exhibition Park but does not give access to the Burnout Track, Grandstand on Friday and Saturday Night, or designated Event Operational Areas. • Media Credentials are available for collection at Gate 4 from 8am on Thursday January 4th. Exceptions to this condition will only be made in extreme cases and must be arranged with the Media Manager. • Photo ID will be required for media pass collection. • Parking is provided in the Dog Ring car park adjacent to Gate 4. You are not permitted to use your vehicle within Exhibition Park other than to go directly to the car park - ABSOLUTELY NO CRUISING. • Additional rules regarding behaviour are sign posted at each entrance. Event Management reserves the right to apply restrictions to your media access inside Summernats should operational requirements demand it. • All Media are to provide, at their own expense, and wear their own "Media Vest" at all times while working at the event (unless otherwise specifically exempted). Media Vests are to carry the wording "MEDIA", in clear print with letters at least 75mm high and 40-50mm wide, on the centre of the back panel; and 50mm high and 25-30mm wide on the right front panel. Their company/business name is to be in clear print, letter sizing dependent upon length of name, on the left front panel of the vest. • Media Vests must be worn in conjunction with "Media Lanyard" and "Media Wristband" at all times while working at the event. Anyone found without all three items will be reported and may face expulsion from the event. • Media are not to stand on any concrete barriers or other structures to take photos or film, especially around the "Cruise Route". Media are not to stand to the inside of the concrete barriers on "Tuff Street" or in other busy areas of the "Cruise Route". • Media are required to observe the same code of conduct as entrants and patrons. Media MUST NOT incite patrons to engage in behaviour that breaches the Summernats Code of Conduct (SCOC). • Media must abide by instructions and directives from Event Security and Event Staff at all times. • Media who are reported for inciting patrons to engage in behaviour that breaches the SCOC, disobeying instructions or directives will have their accreditation revoked and will be immediately expelled from the event. In addition, they and their company or staff may be banned from future events. • Any commercial video production company applying for Media Accreditation will have to submit details on their intended film plan including production and broadcast intentions. • Furthermore, external/commercial video production companies may be subject to additional filming restrictions at the absolute discretion of the Summernats Administration and/or Media Management team. • Live Streaming of any kind is prohibited by approved media in any restricted/media only areas and this includes the Burnout Pad zone. Live Streaming by approved media is also prohibited outside of the specified media access hours. If found to have breached these live streaming rules, future Summernats Media Applications may be refused. • I agree that the verbal or physical harassment of women, in any way, at Summernats is unacceptable. If I engage in such behaviour, or encourage such behaviour, I will be ejected from the Summernats.

I acknowledge and recognise that there are risks specifically associated with a motor vehicle event, some of which include the unpredictability of vehicle movements, sudden and unexpected changes in weather, difficulties in evacuation should I become injured or ill AND I accept that all risks associated with the activity including the possibility of death, injury, loss or damage AND I, MY HEIRS, EXECUTORS AND ADMINISTRATORS hereby indemnify to the extent permitted by law Summernats Pty Ltd, municipalities, councils, instrumentalities, landowners, voluntary community groups and organisations, sponsors, producers and their servants, agents, subcontractors and representatives from all liabilities, claims, damages or costs whatsoever arising out of my participation in the motor sport event whether by action or inaction of any party AND I AGREE to abide by all directions made or given by the event organiser or its agents.

I confirm the information I have provided on this form is true and correct. Important: This application is subject to the conditions set out above. These conditions are made for the safety of all Event participants. You should carefully read these conditions before confirming your application.